Garage Spring Repair

Are you having trouble with your garage door? Do you hear a loud sound when open or close? Or your garage door suddenly isn’t opening more than a few inches? Then you might have broken or damaged the door spring and need an urgent garage spring repair service.

We all know how important garage doors are. We need them in our day to day life. Having a garage door that’s isn’t properly functioning isn’t just frustrating and inconvenient but also poses a security risk. The garage door is practically a second entrance to a house and a very essential part of a house security system.

Unfortunately, like any other hardware item, garage doors have their life span. At some point, you might have to face a garage door that is going through a wear-out once it reaches its life expectancy.

Types of Garage door springs

Several types of springs are manufactured to lift the gate but only two are most commonly used.

Extension Springs

These types of springs or installed on both sides of the garage door. Typically, an experienced garage door technician will install a safety cable that provides support to the springs to help prevent the extension spring from falling when breaking. The extension springs are what enable the garage door to be opened while the cable does the actual lifting. If any of these components are broken or not properly installed, the garage door will not function as it should be.

Torsion Springs

These types of springs are installed on a shaft just above the garage door opening. As the garage door opens, the cables wrap around the drums on both sides of the shaft. As the garage door closes, the cable slowly unwraps from the drums and lowers the door. Prison springs provide support when you need to open the door, while the cables attached to the drums do the actual heavy lifting. Garage doors will malfunction if any of these components are broken or not installed properly.

Should you try Garage spring repair yourself?

The garage door seems uncomplicated and you might feel tempted to fix the broken or rusty garage door yourself. But we won’t recommend anyone without experience and necessary knowledge of that particular garage door design and structure. If you get yourself amid a broken garage door situation, do not attempt to repair it and keep children or pets away from the gate.

The garage door with broken springs can be extremely heavy and difficult to manage. Attempting to repair the garage door yourself might cause further structural damage or in the worse cases, can cause you personal injury.

Garage door springs openers are meant to operate only with the coordination of the garage door springs. If you try to open the gate with broken springs, the opener might burn out the motor, leading to more damage.