Overhead Door Repair Service

Many homeowners are so busy with their day to day routine that most of them probably ignore garage door springs until something stops to work completely. The garage doors stop functioning properly when the door spring breaks. It can make loud noises, open or close partially, it can leave your garage door dangling that can be a great security threat to you and your family members.

Overhead door repair service can get it to back on track

A broken garage door may need a spring replacement service, squeaking troubleshooting service, garage door balancing, bracket adjustment, taking care of rusted hardware, and so much more. The life expectancy of a garage door is measured in terms of the life cycle.

Each time your garage door opens and closes that is counted as one full cycle. In the perfect world Garage door springs usually have a life expectancy of somewhere around 10,000 cycles. But there are other factors which can make a garage door spring weak or damaged before it is expected.

We are not just an average garage door repair service; we know what it takes to repair, replace, or install a new garage door security system. Our trained professionals make sure that you always get 100% satisfaction.

Here is what makes us different from others.

When you need an overhead door repair service, do give us a call and our trained technicians would come to help you out. An off-track garage door could be dangerous to handle so it’s not a good idea to put it back yourself.

Our technicians are trained in identifying the core problem and solving it. This means they have to check the tracks for damage, evaluate, and adjust the tracks as well as aligning the garage door, cleaning, and lubricating the door tracks to ensure that there aren’t any underlying problems.

We offer the following services:

Garage Door Spring Repair

This little component is important for your garage to work properly. If the garage door spring is broken, the door will become heavy to lift and open.

Garage Door Opener Repair

This is another component that may get broken or damaged. Dealing with garage door openers yourself can be dangerous unless you have technical knowledge.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

If the torsion spring is damaged or broken, the cable will snap, and may damage your vehicle or hurt someone standing near the gate. We not only deal with the roller and cable repair but also replace it if needed.

Garage Door Off Track Repair

The garage door can stop working if it goes off-track. A damaged or broken garage door isn’t just inconvenient to live with but also a security threat to anyone living in the house.