garage opener repair

Do you need a garage door opener repair service? A proper functional garage door is crucial to the privacy and security of your residential or commercial property. It is something you have to use daily and if the garage door opener or springs are broken, you should get it fixed at the earliest.

A broken or damaged garage door isn’t just a weak line of defense against anyone who might want to break into your house but also can be dangerous to anyone living in the house and using the garage. There are many ways a garage door can be non-functional or broken. It can be the wear and tear at the end of life expectancy of the garage door, rusty hardware, or broken springs that might need to be replaced.

Garage door openers and Springs

Garage door openers and springs are the two most important components of any garage door and control its functionality. As you might imagine, if one component is damaged, your garage door potentially becomes unusable and a safety threat. To keep it functional, you must look after your door springs and opener regularly.

Garage door opener and springs can easily break down over time and might need repairing or replacement. One of the major reasons why your opener isn’t working could be the broken or damaged door spring. Typically, garage door springs are rated for a limited number of cycles that consist of the gate opening and closing. However, this could be just one possibility.

Why is your Garage door acting so stubborn suddenly?

There are many reasons why your garage door isn’t acting properly. For example, the garage door might have the blocked opener’s photo-eye, its power source might be broken, there is a problem with your remote control, or cables, or the extension spring is broken, etc.

Whatever the reason is, there is nothing our technicians can’t repair or make it work. We are just a call away. We only hire full-time professional garage door technicians who come to your house with all tools needed to deliver high-quality service. So, if you need any assistance with your garage door repair, feel free to give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you. So you could feel secure in your home or office again.

When do you need a garage door opener repair service?

You should call Bulldog Garage Repair service if you:

  • find rust on the garage door opener, spring, or any moving hardware parts
  • feel that garage door springs feel more stretched out
  • hear any strange sound coming when the door is opened or closed
  • think that the garage door seems heavier than before and getting slow

If you find any of these things while using the garage door, it is better to give us a call. We offer 24-hour service, even on Sundays and public holidays. We are a full-service garage door repair service company that has helped hundreds of home and business owners. Our technicians are highly-skilled, experienced, and can deal with all types of garage doors. Call us today to set up an appointment or for consultation.