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Why Preventative Garage Door Maintenance Is So Important

Improved Safety

Every year, thousands of people are reportedly injured due to garage door mishaps. Accidents caused by DIY repairs that turned out badly to falling door damages could be averted if regular preventive maintenance was observed. Many are unfamiliar with the hazards of a garage door system, especially the garage door springs. While these springs are vital in the actual lifting and closing of the doors, they can be fatal. Most door-related injuries seen every year are brought about by those endeavoring to repair or replace a garage door spring, change, or supplant a spring. In addition to bodily harm and accidental injury, a faulty garage door leaves your residential or commercial property susceptible to burglary and trespassing.
The safest and most trusted solution to any garage door issue is to book a proper maintenance service with one of our professional technicians. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If all else fails, leave garage door maintenance to the specialists.

Increased Home Value

Did you know that a new garage door is a smart investment? As one of the strongly proposed redesigns, a polished and well-maintained garage door is more engaging to potential buyers. Additionally, a garage door in excellent condition is probably going to reinforce your home assessment. Needless to say, homeowners are searching for houses that are fit as a fiddle. A new or properly maintained garage door might actually boost your property estimation or the resale value of your home. Buyers will like the possibility of not stressing over their new property’s garage door.

Longer Lifespan

Inappropriate upkeep of your garage door can lead to accidents and can likewise prompt more limited life expectancy for your carport. Loose bolts, unaligned tracks, and insufficient lubrication would all be able to keep a garage door from opening and shutting regularly, which can place overabundance wear and tear on your garage door in the long haul. With regards to your spring, it's anything but a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles. In any case, if your spring isn't consistently greased up or takes on an abundance of stress because of different issues with your garage door, this life expectancy can be fundamentally decreased.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

A door that breaks unexpectedly can be very expensive to fix or replace and can be a hit to your wallet. In most cases, replacements of garage doors are an aftereffect of poor maintenance. Regularly, one dismissed area prompts issues in different areas and the domino effect gets calamitous. Also, inappropriate insulation or potentially ill-advised shutting can prompt costly energy bills.

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Professional Inspection & Maintanance


Check and pay attention to your garage door during use. Does it produce weird sounds as it generally does? Do the cables and springs look fine? Does the door appear to be working easily? Assuming something doesn’t “look good” that is a red signal that you should call an expert for a more nitty gritty review and conceivable repair. Inspect the tracks on the two sides of the door to ensure they are dirt and dust free You can likewise utilize a level to ensure the tracks are completely vertical along their upward areas. Note that major adjustments on tracks are best handled by certified garage door technicians.

Garage Door Opener Installation


Assess the actual garage door when you are looking at different components. On the off chance that the door is steel, search for rust spots that ought to be sanded, primed, and painted. Fiberglass doors can be washed with an all-around cleaner. Since warping is common in wood doors, eliminate chipped and stripping paint, then, at that point sand and repaint. In the event that you have a wooden entryway that doesn’t have weatherstripping along the base, ensure this base edge is very much sealed or painted, then, put a weatherstrip.

3.tightening & replacing and Lubricating moving parts

Since the common garage door opens and closes countless times every year, the movement and vibration can extricate up the door and track equipment. Look at the bracks holding the tracks to the wall and ceiling just as the fasteners securing the door opener unit to the framing. Utilize a socket wrench to secure any loose bolts you find.

The moving components of the garage door like the tracks, chains and rollers, are largely vulnerable to stalling out or breaking. Applying oil, for example, white lithium oil or silicone spray will assist with keeping all the garage door parts working easily. The lubrication will likewise limit the opening and shutting clamors of the carport.

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4.Safety & Counterweight Testing

Control Balance

The door’s counterweight system is intended to keep the engine from buckling down, which might actually decrease its working life. You can test your garage door balance by pulling the emergency cord and raising the door halfway. In the event that it starts to drop down, your garage door springs may be changed in accordance with bringing it back in balance. Spring changes ought to be dealt with by an expert.

Modify Course

Modern garage doors are furnished with an auto-reverse feature (photocell and mechanical) that assists with forestalling injury and property harm. Test the mechanical capacity by putting a block of wood on the ground under the way of the closing door. As the door connects with the wood it ought to naturally alter course. To assess the photocell, turn on your garage door with the goal that it starts to lower, then (securely) pass the wood via its line of site. If working properly, the garage door will turn around course and open again. In the event that both of these two tests come up short, contact our professional crew at Bulldog Garage Door Repair.

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