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With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Bulldog Garage Door Repair is the best company for your garage door essentials. We manufacture various garage door types and products from a comprehensive web of suppliers existing for over 50 years. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, our highly skilled crew can deliver your needs immediately within a short time. With this family-owned business, you can achieve premium garage door services with value for your money.

If you happen to be located in Texas and need some garage door replacement or installation for your business or home, choose Bulldog Garage Door Repair. We render a wide variety of quality door choices from the best providers at reasonable prices. Contact us at (number) so we can discuss your garage door needs and concerns. We would be happy to hear from you.

Our Installation Service

Professional Team

Your garage doors require smooth and correct installation. No matter your door type, it would not be as functional if installed improperly. Leave the job to our professionals at Bulldog Garage Door Repair. Our skillful workforce has been installing home garage doors in the Texas area for several years. As soon as you find the best door for your garage, contact our team and let us get it installed for you. Whether it is custom-made with special features or just the traditional one, your garage door will be in the right hands.

Custom Design

Your doors should complement your lifestyle and overall home design. Bulldog Garage Door Repair offers different tones of doors, but we can help you come up with your preferred style. Since (year), our business takes pride in its dedication to quality, creativity, and innovation. Of course, longevity remains tantamount. With the help of our team, your customized aesthetic garage doors can surely last longer and serve its purpose for your home and business security.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We at Bulldog Garage Door Repair aim to help our customers 24/7. Our efficient team commits to assist you with your garage door needs, even in the light of emergency. As the owner, our security personnel will help you see all the procedures, even the door opening for yourself. With this, rest assured that no unwanted persons can access your carport. We are also available on weekends and have flexible working hours. Just give us a phone call, and we will promptly arrive at your place for your door solutions. Moreover, we do not impose hidden charges. Saves time and energy on your end, right?

Competitive Price

Yes, we offer garage door services at fair prices. Plus, we make it a point to secure price quotes for our customers. We stick to the indicated price and accomplish all tasks written in our price quotes. This applies whether you enlist our services immediately or at a later time. Of course, affordable does not mean substandard. Bulldog Garage Door Repair procure and install quality garage doors only from trusted manufacturers, particularly (company name). Our garage doors are guaranteed to be strong and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. After picking the right door for your home or business, let our professional crew install it for you right away. We will be glad to perform seamless installation procedures for you so your door can serve its purpose in the best possible way.

Reliable Costumer Service

Our customers’ needs are our topmost priority. Being in the service industry for years, we always put our A-game on anything garage door-related. This is because we know how important your garage door or opener is for your security. Our team offers high-quality maintenance, repair, and installation services for your residential and commercial garage door needs. We respond quickly and perform working solutions efficiently. For those living around the Texas area, feel free to contact our team and avail of our assistance now.

Licensed and bonded

Garage door installation and repair is a technical job. It can be very difficult and sensitive at times, which is why you should only entrust your garage doors to experts. Bulldog Garage Door Repair consists of licensed and insured crew members possessing the necessary skill set and knowledge about garage doors. We have an eagle eye for details, ensuring that we accurately perform preventive solutions for your doors. This is to prevent further damages to your entire door system, and inconvenience on its users. Our team is trained especially in responding to emergencies. Should your garage door malfunction and fail to open, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Our team will repair your door immediately and get you covered.

Residential Garage Door types

Sectional Garage Doors

This garage door type is usually made of steel and with insulation or non-insulation. Sectional garage doors are often customizable you can ask your trusted expert to include your preferred windows, colors, and hardware on your door. Its layout consists of horizontal panels fastened with hinges. These hinges bend over the track and enable the door to align to the ceiling when opened, and to the walls when closed. Each opening side has wheels at the edge of the panels in a perpendicular track. Sectional garage doors have tensional springs connected to cables to operate and hold the door when slightly opened. This is the commonly used type of garage door type in the United States, mainly because it is simple and undemanding.

Bulldog garage doors Sectional Garag door
Roll-Up Garage Doors Bulldog Garage Repair

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are relatively pricier compared to sectional garage type, because of their durability despite heavy usage. Roll-ups are more preferable for areas with little roof space. High-end models without springs are made to avoid rusting and freezing. Commercial establishments often use these doors more than residential units. It is made with 2”-3” steel shutter slats rolling around an interior drum on top of the door opening.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side sliding garage doors are way advantageous than the other types. Handling it is lighter and easier because of its precise twin rollers below the door in a floor rail. It also has a finger trap protection and safety cut-out. Automated side sliding sectional doors give owners easy access and chance to create a garage ceiling space since the door opens to the side.

Side Sliding Garage Door Bulldog Garage Repair

Tilt Up Garage Door

This door type works by hanging from the ceiling. It is lifted up when opened, and swings out and up to tilt back and into the ceiling. They are always used for carports, garages, and sheds, but infrequently in houses. Tilt-up doors have two hinges and several springs above the door on each side connecting a large panel. Of course, you can also customize and design it according to your preferred colour or inserts. It is important to note that this type of door needs extra clearance or space in the swing arc and ceiling to give way for the door.

main garage door materials


Garage doors that are made of steel are often heavy-duty and can endure for a long period of time. Home and business owners are advised to go for this type of garage door. High-end steel doors are made with galvanized steel and finished with a tough topcoat or composite plate. Another good thing is that you can customize it on your own. You can paint it with your desired color to match your home’s overall appearance. Or, you can ask the help of a garage door expert to insert your preferred add-ons like windows.

It is important to remember that steel door materials are measured in terms of thickness. For better results, ask the help of professionals to know the right thickness of your door considering your garage and home structure. They have the necessary tools to gauge a material’s density. Moreover, steel garage doors are prone to corrosive elements. For those residing in a humid climate, Bulldog Garage Door Repair advises you to go for galvanized steel doors.


We at Bulldog Garage Door Repair provide a wide range of wood options for your garage door. From cedar, redwood, fir, and meranti, we can help you decide on the best type of wooden garage door for your home. Homeowners often go for wooden doors because of their simplicity and aesthetic value. You can have it custom-made based on your preferences.

Aluminum & FiberGlass

This type of garage door comes in different color variations. It can come in brushed form or be painted with your preferred palette. For those who live in humid areas, it is best to go for aluminum garage doors. It is less prone to corrosion. However, it is easy to dent, so you might want to opt for translucent glass. It offers almost the same level of security while letting in more light.

Since most steel and metal doors are prone to rust and corrosion, fiberglass doors can be a better option. Fiberglass doors are commonly made with two layers and insulated with polyurethane. With this material, you can rest easy knowing that your garage door is safe from dents. Even so, you still need to pay extra care as the impact can break it apart.

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