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Garage doors are a source of security for your house and need proper maintenance. If you are from Addison TX, and need garage door repair, or garage door installation you’ve come to the right place. Bulldog Technicians are the Garage door experts.

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Research shows that many houses are prone to burglary or frequent thefts due to negligence in repairing their garage door faults. Moreover, having a faulty garage door could also lead to personal injuries. That is why we at Bulldog Garage Door Repair aim to provide professional repairing services.

If you want the best door repair services at Addison, TX, you have to choose the best provider. We have been in the business for years and understand the requirements of our customers. Our business goal is aimed at optimum customer satisfaction. Moreover, we ensure that none of our customers have any complaints or grievances once we serve them.

All our services comply with the local code and regulations. Moreover, each piece of equipment our technicians use is advanced and suitable for all weather conditions. Our technicians are trained to expertly handle different fault areas of your garage door.

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Services offered At Bulldog Garage Door Repair Addison, TX

At Bulldog Garage Door Repair, we offer the following services

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Maintaining Your Garage Doors, Addison TX

Finding the best garage door repair services in Addison, TX, is not a hard task. In the current market, there are several options laid out for you. However, you do not want to choose a provider who would take your money but would not provide you with quality services. This is not something that you would have to worry about with Bulldog Garage Door Repair.

We are a licensed company that hires only the best technicians. Our technicians are trained in their job and commit themselves to provide only the best for you. All you need is to call us and book an appointment. We will be present at the scheduled time and take care of all repair requirements.

With years of use, your garage door and its components will start to wear out. In such a scenario, not replacing or repairing the faulty mechanisms will aggravate the faults. Proper maintenance is required so that your garage door functions in the right way. Without this, your garage and household would not be secured.

If you are worried about the repair budget, then you can contact our technicians for a quotation. We try to provide as many affordable solutions so that the costs do not become a burden on our customers. More than profit, we aim to ensure that our customers are safe and happy with our services.
Even if you do not have any major faults but may find some slight issues with the door, get it checked. This is our preventive maintenance service where we find out minor issues that could have become big in the future. We tackle these issues at the ground level to not have to shed too much money when the problems increase.

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High-quality Garage Door Services!

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Repair Damaged Cables

The spring system of your garage door has cables that prevent the flying or falling of the springs when it breaks. This ensures that even if your spring malfunction, the cables keep the door together and create a safe environment for you. So what happens when this cable breaks off?
Cable damage is a major problem since you do not have that one element preventing risk during spring breakage. So, if your spring and cable breaks off together, then you have a major problem at your hands. You can find out if your cable is broken or not by checking if the wire is hanging out from the door.

In case you do see wire hanging out, immediately call our technician. Remember that certain components solely require expert handling. The cable of your door is one such component, and you are safer not trying to repair it yourself. Once our technician reaches you, the cable will be repaired within a short time, and you will your door will function normally.

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Circuit Board Damage

Another component that you should never try to fix by yourself is the circuit board. The circuit board is a powered mechanism that helps in opening your garage door. If you see that the circuit board cannot open your door, then there could be two reasons. Either the remote could be defective, or you have a faulty circuit board.

In case your remote is defective, you will need to simply change it for the mechanism to function again. However, the real issue arises if the circuit board is at fault. Since this is a powered mechanism, you could risk electrical hazards if you do not know what to do. It is better to trust our trained technicians who know how to handle these issues.

The circuit board has to be opened up and looked for the faulty area. There may be changes in some internal parts which can be done easily by our technicians. The technicians will offer you the best possible solution, whether to repair or replace the circuit board.

No matter which solution we provide, be rest assured that it would not burn a hole in your pocket. All of our solutions will be provided to keep in mind your safety and ensure that you do not spend money on the unnecessary repair. Also, we tend to provide long-term solutions to not face the same problem for quite a long time.

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Trusted Addison Garage Door Repair Services

We are a family of trusted technicians and loyal customers, which we wish to keep increasing as time goes by. We are here to take care of all your garage door repair issues along with scheduled maintenance. Just book our services from the website or give us a call at our official customer service number.

Stay relaxed and happy by trusting us with your garage door issues. Find affordable, high-quality garage door repair services at Addison, TX!