Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

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Why You Need to Replace a Garage Door Spring

Needless to say, your garage door is one of the devices in your home that’s consistently hard at work. It is more than a convenient entrance in your home as it ensures the safety of your vehicles and other valuables. With the amount of energy and time it takes to open and close, eventually, it will be subjected to wear and tear.

Just like any moving parts of your garage door system, the garage door springs are bound to fall apart in time and when they do, consider it dangerous. If the springs are old and broken, then they will go flying completely, possibly leaving your property damaged and even injuring anybody present in the area. You definitely don’t want to experience this horrible scenario. Bulldog Garage Door Repair is your best ally for garage door repair and replacement services in Texas.

Know Your Springs

Torsion Springs vs. Extension Springs

Depending on door size, torsion spring systems usually utilize one or two firmly wound springs. These springs are placed horizontally on a steel shaft and are equipped with cable drums at both ends. The torsion spring is attached to the header wall above the garage door. It contains a three-pronged foundation system including a center and two end bearing plates at one of its ends.

Extension spring systems are anchored on one or the other side of the garage door track. These springs stretch and shrink with the help of cables and pulleys when the garage door is in motion.

No matter what the type, your garage door springs are liable for assisting the garage door lift and lower. When lifting the door, tension is released and the spring helps with the lifting. When the door is lowered, the springs build up tension.

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Spring Repair. Leave It For The Professionals

Both the torsion springs and extension springs have a lifespan of about 7-9 years, although they may become worn earlier. For this reason, it is crucial to inspect the springs often. With the Bulldog Garage Door Repair team, you can guarantee that your garage door springs get the attention and care that they deserve. We take pride in our yearly maintenance service that includes a thorough assessment of your garage door system and all its parts. Our certified garage door technicians can diagnose any garage door springs issues and can identify if replacements are necessary before they break down. Talk to us now! Dial (phone number).

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