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Bulldog Garage Door Repair experts understand that overhead doors are crucial elements for commercial and industrial businesses that’s why we guarantee unmatched expertise and craftsmanship in all our products and services. Take it from our service packages claimed as outstanding by our long list of clients. From sectional and high-speed to specialty doors and grilles, we got you covered.

Our Installation Service

Professional Team

Second to none, the Bulldog Garage Door team continues to provide the best customer service in the whole of Texas. From high-quality installation to efficient repairs, our work ethics always guarantee security and functionality. Our garage door specialists are backed with a decade-long experience enabling them to be experts in any door-related issues.

Custom Design

Every customer deserves only the best from the best. This is why we offer individualized plans for each business partner. We guarantee personalized attention to achieve your desired custom design. We treat your door requirements as special, that’s why you can expect our customer service and technical teams to breathe reality in your vision.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Faulty garage doors should never be taken for granted. To ensure the comfort and safety of our clients and their facility, we have a dedicated mobile team that you can reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call us at (phone number) for emergency garage door repair services free of charge!

Competitive Price

We pride ourselves with superior products and trustworthy services thanks to our 10+ years of experience throughout Texas. In our pursuit of excellence, we stay true to our mission of providing fast, efficient and cost-effective commercial garage door services. We work with your budget plan and we can assure that hidden fees and extra charges are never in our agenda. Bulldog Garage Door is synonymous to integrity and professionalism, and we are proud to be of service to the Texas community.

Reliable Costumer Service

Exceptional customer care is the heart of our company. Your trust and confidence in us push us to better our best every time. From a telephone inquiry to emergency repairs, know that you are in great hands. Our customer service team is committed to assisting you in the best ways possible.

Licensed and bonded

As a fully licensed and bonded garage door company serving various cities in Texas, we are your confident partner in upholding the highest quality of garage door products and services. Our professional team knows the importance of your commercial property and will make sure that accuracy and safety protocols are observed throughout the service process.

Commercial Garage Door types

Commercial Overhead Garage door

We have a wide range of commercial garage doors. From insulated metal doors to specialized industrial overhead doors, we got you covered. Since every commercial and industrial business is unique, our door systems can be tailored based on your business requirements.

Bulldog Garage Repair Overhead Commercial Garage door
Fire Rated Garage Door Bulldog Garage Repair

Fire Rated Garage Doors

We offer fire-rated garage doors for both counter door and vehicular traffic applications. All doors are in compliance with NFPA-80 and their operation mechanisms are tested and approved.

High Speed Garage Door

Our series of high performance doors are designed to allow maximum productivity and protection from damage from random collisions. With robust safety features and a pressure-resistant design, these high speed garage doors will keep your business facility running securely and efficiently.

High Speed Garage Door bulldog garage door repair

Insulated Garage Door

If you want maximum thermal efficiency and design flexibility, these premium insulated garage doors are ideal to boost the comfort of your facility. With different panel designs to select from, these doors offer durability and resistance to air infiltration.

What To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Garage Door

Security prerequisites

The presence of the security aspect is a choice with practically no reason to leave behind. Overhead doors have a huge number of defensive alternatives that can be added to elevate security within your business facility. The comprisal of locks, automatic deadlocks, and preprogrammed mechanisms carry a degree of safety to your business that provides a sense of safety and confidence.


This is a major factor you cannot definitely pass up when planning for a commercial door. You’d be unable to discover a facility with zero fire risks. Infrastructures, materials, and synthetic substances would all be able to burst into flames. Indeed, even the slightest possibility of a fire breaking out is sufficient to consider deciding on a flame-resistant commercial door.

Garage door making noises Bulldog Garage Repair


There’s some change in noise-cancelling characteristics from one door to another, so you should decide how much loud sounds you can endure prior to choosing your overhead doors. For instance, if your business produces noisy clamors however it’s situated adjoining a residential location, you might need to select doors that will isolate the sound inside and keep up with positive relations with your neighbors. Or on the other hand, if your business requires a peaceful environment inside, you may need doors that can seal sounds outside. Does it matter what sound your overhead door produces when it opens and closes? Assuming this is the case, that should direct your choice.

Energy efficiency

Try not to nod off on the significance of this one. A significant operational expense to consider is energy use. Particularly in cool storage places, insulation ought to be an interesting issue of conversation. In fact, insulated steel entryways are incredible all year as they keep temperatures steady and confine the measure of potential energy squandered because of their outstanding R-Value rating.

Operational frequency

The measure of traffic your business sees assumes a critical part in the determination process. Do you expect a high-recurrence functional rate? Choosing a sectional door with a heavier-duty structure might be the best choice. For spaces that see less recurrent traffic, maybe going with an aluminum-make meets your requirements. The ideal overhead doors deliver sturdiness and life span, so regardless, be certain your traffic levels are comparable to favored materials.

Bulldog Garage Repair Overhead Commercial Garage door

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