Faulty Circuit Board



The circuit board serves as the brain of a garage door opener. Each time you use your garage door remote, the logic board receives and transmits the signal from the remote to the opener. It commands the opening and closing functions of the opener. However, like other important components of your garage door system, the circuit board can break down and cause your opener to function poorly.

If the circuit board doesn’t work properly, make a smart move and call a garage door specialist to make the necessary fix. Your garage door is an extraordinary door that ensures adequate security and improves your home’s appearance and value. As such, any issues you encounter with your garage door problem should always be resolved immediately.

Circuit Repair Service

When your garage door needs repair in or around Texas, you may need professional help. After all, a faulty garage door can be a security issue and can even be a danger for your family.

Bulldog Garage Door Repair offers a wide range of garage door designs and garage door opener circuit boards from top manufacturers like Geni, Liftmaster, and many more. With more than 10 years of service, our award-winning crew can handle many brands of doors and any garage door related problems. For the best selection of replacement parts for your garage door including circuit boards, we got you covered. Simply dial 972-433-0407​ and we’ll gladly help you out.

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