Garage Door Opener Repair Service

Four your garage door security systems, the openers are doing the hard work. They are opening the garage door a couple of times every day. All kinds of metals wear out over time. The same rules apply to your garage door opener as well. While you can’t change the natural wearing out of the garage door opener and springs, you can decide to repair or replace these.

Keeping eye on warning signs can save your Repair cost

Garage doors are usually made of complex electronics and problems with them just don’t pop up suddenly; usually, there are small warning signs that tell you something is going in the wrong direction and needs your attention. You should keep an eye over such warnings including weird sounds, door or sensor displacements, etc.

If these noises are caused by dust particles or rusty hardware, then a little maintenance would be enough. However, if you don’t get the source of the sound, it is better to get help from the experts before the stack of problems keeps growing and increase the repair cost as a result.

When you should call the Garage door repair experts?

Here are a few potential problems that you can face with your garage door opener.

  • The opener may not be responsive at all
  • The garage door opener runs but does not work as it should
  • The garage door opens and closes only partially
  • You need to manually push the gate to open

One of the main reasons why the garage door opener isn’t working is the broken or damaged torsion spring. These springs are supposed to work for a limited number of cycles. However, this is just one case.

There could be many reasons why your garage door opener isn’t working. For example, the garage door might have an opener with a blocked photo-eye, its power source has been damaged somehow, it could be a remote control problem, there could be snapped or loose cables, or simply the extension spring is broken, etc. The list of possible reasons is long.

Whatever be the case, we would highly recommend you not try DIY tutorials or videos on your garage door yourself. Garage door opener repair is a highly technical job and a dangerous one in the hands of incompetent or naive individuals which could cause a serious injury if done incorrectly.

Call us Anytime, Anywhere

We understand that having a broken or damaged garage door isn’t just hard but can be a security threat for the people and pets living in your home. This is why we only employ the best professionals and train them to deal with modern garage doors of all make and brands. This means that our technicians will have the necessary tools and technologies to complete the job without any problem or delay. So, if you need some assistance with your garage door repair, feel free to give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you.