3 things that can go wrong with garage door opener

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Garage doors are one of the biggest moving elements of your security system that also acts as the first line of defense against intruders and unwanted access. As such, it should always be maintained to ensure that it won’t get stuck or jammed. While maintaining your garage door, consider your garage opener repairs as well because damaged openers can cause uncontrolled force from the actual door. You must hire someone expert to install garage openers.

The opener is not always the only part of the garage door to malfunction but when your garage door opener suddenly stops to work as intended, the root of the problem is pretty simple to understand. If you are lucky, the damage might be a minor one and doesn’t cost you much.

So, should you go for garage opener repair or replacement? Replacing a garage opener is usually considered the last resort when everything fails. Before you decide to proceed with a replacement option, consider checking possible simple problems.

The simple problems could include unresponsive garage doors to remote control or keypad, the close-limit might need some adjustment, or the damaged rollers are creating extra friction causing the door opener to stop prematurely.

The garage door moves in reverse order

If the garage door reverses before it completely shuts down, this is often because of the extra friction the door rollers are causing. This makes the door opener think that the door has already closed even before reaching the floor. Door openers have an adjustment screw that is responsible to manage the closing force. To solve this you should lubricate the rollers and remove the extra friction. If the garage door is going backward after touching the floor, you need to adjust the close-limit switch on the door opener.

Garage door open partially

When the garage door opens and stops half-way, you might need to check for an up-limit switch in the opener or damaged rollers that could make the doorstop. Check and replace damaged rollers and lubricate the rusted parts. Sometimes the garage door isn’t just responding properly due to cold weather. In winter, rollers can get stiff and the door opener might be in tough conditions to open.

The opener isn’t responsive

When the garage door doesn’t respond to the remote control or wall switch, it could be the power source that has been disrupted. You can begin by checking whether the door opener is plugged in. It is also possible that the circuit breaker isn’t operating or there is a short circuit somewhere in the circuit. If the circuit or electricity outlet is damaged, you might need to replace it.

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