Tips to do the garage spring repair yourself

garage spring repair

Unfortunately, the garage spring can break without a warning. But the good news is that it can be repaired easily if you know someone who can fix the garage spring and do the repair. Knowing how to fix is an important detail of all but having the appropriate tools and following the correct safety measures can help you repair your garage door efficiently. However, replacing springs can be a long process and dangerous if not done right.

Knowing about necessary safety measures is always the most important thing to consider when doing any residential or commercial garage spring repair. When replacing a spring, the spring must be still carrying lots of weight, and failure to handle and shift the pressure it maintains could result in severe injuries or self-harm. If you are not sure what you are dealing with it is always better to seek help from professionals.

The first thing after you decide to replace the springs should be related to gathering the necessary tools including a strong ladder, wrenches, and tool kit for the garage spring repair. Getting the hardware and parts for spring repair might be the most overwhelming part. Many suppliers of springs don’t sell general items to homeowners as they find it less profitable and risky for the safety of homeowners.

How to do the garage spring repair properly?

You have to lift the garage door off the ground to repair the mounted springs as it will allow the tensions to be taken off the spring. After you are done with the lifting, the garage must be clamped in that position. In case you need to repair the torsion springs, it must be in the down position before you start replacing the spring. You can also use the emergency pull rope to make the garage door lift.

Torsion vs. mounted springs

Unlike torsion springs mounted garage springs might have integrated safety cables that need to be disconnected before you start the process of garage spring repair. Mounted sprints are connected at two points on the garage door. One spring is connected to the garage door track while the other one is attached to the pulley where the garage door cable runs.

These two springs need to be taken off and replaced by the new springs from the same place. Mounted springs are much safer to repair as compared to torsion springs. Although, we don’t recommend you to do this on your own without someone kind of supervision or guidance.

To securely replace the torsion springs, make sure you use a clamp in place and the door is secured. Failing to clamp the door completely can be a great security risk. These springs need to be adjusted at the same rate to assure an equal level of flexibility.

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