How to do Garage door opener repair properly?

garage door opener repair service

Garage doors are often the most ignored area of our homes but no house is completely secured if its garage isn’t protected by a solid garage door. In normal houses, garage doors are used at least once a day. Hence many homeowners are faced with the problems of non-functional garage doors or weird sounds. Although these problems don’t occur overnight, many people choose to ignore the signs of damage until the garage door stops working completely.

As far as a stuck or jammed door is concerned, it is usually because of the deformed channels or tracks through which the door slides and these can be easily repaired without much hassle. Usually, you can fix most of these problems with a simple toolkit like a wrench to tighten a few nuts and bolts or a screwdriver. The partial opening or closing of the door can be due to a depressed key in the opener control or there might be some problem with the opener circuit of which it can be easily fixed. But the problem is beyond the hands of laymen when it develops a major defect like a dysfunctional garage door opener.

Where to start from with garage door opener repair?

Sometimes it is your remote control that fails. If the light isn’t on when you tap the button to open the gate, you should check the batteries. If new batteries don’t help, try the reprogramming option. If your wall unit is failing, your remote won’t be able to communicate with the garage door opener. The next thing you should think of is the damaged tension spring that makes it difficult for the garage door opener to lift the heavyweight of the door.

Once you have checked all the simple rules, you should inspect the garage door opener. Try to open the door and observe if the garage door opener doesn’t make any sounds or the track fails to move at all, the problem is obviously in the garage door opener. If you find the opener in the slight movement, it might need some adjustment.

This is one of the major problems for the people living in the area of harsh climate conditions. When it gets really cold, the garage door becomes heavier to lift. And sometimes the additional weight added due to cold or snow is too much for the opener. In this case, you can adjust the force the opener has to apply to open the door. A door that makes lots of noise or operates very slowly or reluctantly, might need a change of track.

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