5 things you need to know for Garage door spring repair

garage door repair

It is highly unlikely that we even think about garage door springs in our daily life until it’s broken. That’s when you are stuck in the garage with a door that doesn’t operate and you can’t take your car outside. When you are faced with such a situation, you have a couple of options to try. You can call a professional to replace or repair your garage door or do it yourself.

A spring repair cost may seem like a financial burden, while doing this project yourself may seem like a cost-effective option, but DIY garage door repair isn’t recommended by experts. Repairing or replacing the spring may save you a few dollars, but it will save you from any hazards that may arise due to improper repair or replacement.

If you want to try garage door spring repair yourself, you should at least know the following 5 things.

Types of Garage door springs

There are mainly two types of garage door springs used in properties:

Torsion Springs

This type of spring is located on an extension rod above the garage door. The main purpose of this spring is to assist the lifting of the door manually or with the help of an electric garage door opener. These springs usually last up to 10 years.

Extension Springs

These are located on the left and right side of the garage door tracks. Repairing or replacing extension springs is slightly easier than torsion springs but still needs necessary help.

Understanding the core of the problem

There could be a few reasons why your garage door spring isn’t working properly. The list consists of reasons like old hardware, lack of maintenance objects striking the door, something is stuck or jammed in the garage door tracks, or aggressive lifting of the gate.

There are always two sets of springs

Your garage door likely has two springs and you have to change or install both springs at the same time even if you have one broken spring. You can talk to the technicians about the number of springs you need to replace or repair. This type of attention helps you from having to deal with additional problems later in life.

The quality vs. cost of springs

Springs play an important role to balance the garage door, so you need to consider the weight and size of the garage door before making any purchase decision. Not using the proper springs on your garage door can lead to more problems. Always choose the set of high-quality springs even if they might cost you a little bit more.

Consider safety first

Either you are performing the garage door repair or hired some professional to do the task, it’s important to keep a safe distance from the moving parts associated with the garage door. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself if any mechanical parts fall or are displaced. Garage doors are heavy and might even kill someone if they fell on them. It is always better to get it repaired by someone professional who is well-aware of all security protocols.

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